Job Opportunities

Corpsecsia Ltd is very happy to offer exciting job opportunities to the persons who can meet our requirements.

Successful applicants can expect:

  • an attractive salary 
  • commission offer.
  • annual leave of 14 days minimal.

We are an international company based in Shenzhen, and expanding our sales and office staff.

Take this opportunity to:

  • join a fast expanding company, 
  • receive the free! training and 
  • learn the skills that will forward your education, 
  • raise your salary and 
  • learn how to communicate fully speaking English. 

This move will offer you a brighter future in your career.

For the successful applicants personal trainning will be give by our English Director Mr Mike Burton.

The applicants should have some experience in the CCTV sales department.

The understanding and reading of the English language will be an advantage to all applicants

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